How does a CCTV camera or DVR works?

What does CCTV mean? What is a DVR?

A CCTV-connected microcamera can not function independently because:

  • Does not have internal/external memory and requires a CCTV camera software like Xmeye; more info here.
  • Has no battery, must be connected to 220V or 12V;
  • It must be connected to a DVR.
cctv camera with dvr decoder device

CCTV or Closed-circuit television refers to the use of video cameras that transmit the signal to a specific location in a closed loop without allowing access from the outside of the system. A surveillance system does exactly what the name says: Supervise.

What can you watch? Commercial premises, construction sites, warehouses, money houses, offices, restaurants, employees, traffic, own house, apartment, children’s room, elderly, parking, tourist areas, access areas, any point, room or area of ​​interest requiring supervision.

The DVR is the component of a video surveillance system that deals with receiving video and audio signals, recording them and transmitting them on the Internet (if desired).

He also “plugs” video signals to monitors (CRT, LCD monitors) under different resolutions.

The DVR records the images coming from video surveillance cameras on an internal hard disk of various capabilities.

General DVR options:

  • Show each room
  • display all rooms by dividing the screen (4.9, 16 frames)
  • displaying for a period of time
  • motion recording, after a scheduled schedule (hours, days), continuously
  • Displaying events after events, according to time
  • display the recordings on each channel, all at once
  • transmitting images on the Internet and displaying them in the browser (Internet Explorer), own software, mobile phone, multi-system monitoring software
  • different users with separate rights
  • Allow backup on different storage media (external hard drives, external or internal CD/DVD writer, memory sticks, etc.)

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