How do we choose the best CCTV wireless camera and its software?

The best wireless surveillance cameras will keep you up to date with everything that’s going on home while you’re away – and you can see real-time pictures of the house, yard or garage. They can also detect motion and record any intruder, while surveillance cameras with more advanced technology include facial recognition and two-way audio communication.

Here are some key features to look for when buying a smart surveillance camera.

What can a wireless performance camera do? The most important aspect of this is image quality. The current wireless surveillance cameras support a resolution of at least 720p HD (1280×720 pixels), some recording Full HD 1080p resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels). Higher resolution will generally mean better image quality – although 720p is usually pretty clear to see including facial features. Click here for more info.

Storage media: Cloud recording vs. internal storage. One of the choices you need to make is whether you prefer a camera with internal storage or a camera that allows you to record images in cloud or FTP.

Cloud storage

Some surveillance cameras allow you to store cloud videos for safety or use the PC camera software to store images on an external drive. So if that room is stolen or destroyed, you will have access to the records and you can access them from anywhere. Most wireless cameras use a cloud-based storage system, but storage levels vary and some do not offer at all. Check out how much free storage space is available, and also find out how much it costs to add extra storage if you need it.

Pro Cloud: easy to access and share records on any device. Also, cloud storage means you do not have to worry about losing the SD card or spoiling your device.

Against: There are some privacy issues related to cloud-based storage because your data is transmitted and kept online.

Internal storage

Some wireless cameras store video on an SD card of various capabilities.

Pro: It’s free and you can store a reasonable amount of images depending on your card’s storage capacity.

Cons: If someone steals or destroys the device, the records are lost

cctv wireless camera software for pc and smartphone

What features should I look for?

Night vision: A wireless surveillance camera will switch day and night modes smoothly and should be able to choose the same level of detail even in low light conditions. For night viewing, most devices use either LED or infrared lights, or a combination of the two.

Motion detection: Surveillance cameras with this feature will trigger the recording when the motion is detected. Some apps allow you to receive an alert by phone or email. A useful feature is the ability to set up a program so that motion alerts can only be activated during the time you are leaving home.

wireless cctv camera

Audio recording: If you want to hear what’s happening in your house – whether it’s a dog, whether it’s a kid, elders, or something else – it’s important that the device you buy has such a feature – audio recording. If you want to communicate with people or pets, then the bidirectional audio recording is the feature you need.

PC app or online site: A clear user interface makes it easier to live record or view the recordings. Before buying the wireless surveillance camera, check that all application features – such as setting a calendar or programmable functions (eg motion detection) – are included in the standard, or whether you have to pay extra to unlock full functionality.

Control of other electronic equipment: Some wireless surveillance cameras allow you to control your climate meter, TV, turn on the DVD and other devices. This is done via the IR after the camera is oriented toward the equipment.

Facial Recognition: This is a relatively rare feature at the moment, but technology will be much developed in the near future, and rooms will be featured with this feature. Facial recognition is meant to inform and alert you when, for example, your children have come home from school.

In the case of power or battery power: Most wireless devices are connected to the mains power supply and some of them provide a back-up time for power supplies if the batteries are connected. A battery-powered model allows positioning of the device in almost any place, as it does not have to be close to a power supply, and at the cost, we can just replace the batteries.

Usage indoors or outdoorsWireless security cameras are generally designed to be used in the home, but there are outdoor devices that are weatherproof and have a degree of protection.

Mounting: Some manufacturers, such as Vstarcam, built indoor wireless cameras so they can be mounted in different places and positions: wall, ceiling, vertically, horizontally, obliquely, etc. depending on need and necessity.

Operating system compatibility: Most wireless surveillance camera applications will be compatible with both iOS and Android, but check if the app will work with the version you have installed.

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